Mark Millender

Mark Millender
Senior Advisor, Global Executive Engagement

Mark Millender joined Tanium in 2020 following a successful career in banking spanning more than 20 years. As an advisor to global enterprises across the automotive, manufacturing and technology sectors, Mark has worked with C-level Executives and Treasury & Corporate Finance Staffs devising and executing financing, liquidity and risk management strategies. Most recently having worked as Head of Diversified Industrials at Lloyds Bank, Mark was previously a Managing Director at The Royal Bank of Scotland and started his banking career at Bear Stearns. Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Accounting from The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The College of Arts & Sciences, of the University of Pennsylvania. After working as an Accountant at Price Waterhouse, Mark earned a JD from Columbia Law School and practiced at Sullivan & Cromwell.