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Zachary Warren
Zachary Warren
Chief Information Security Advisor EMEA

Topics covered will include:

  • How cybercriminals go about preparing for an attack, the steps they take, and telltale signs someone is attempting to attack your network.
  • Beyond the initial attack, how broadly and widely they can travel within your network once they’re inside, and the enormous havoc they may wreak when they do.
  • Details on the numerous ways in which they can copy, steal, damage, or encrypt your data and how damaging that can be.
  • Effective ways in which you can protect yourself from these exploits and the ransom demands that may accompany them.
  • The critical importance of ensuring that you have clear visibility of every object on your network, and any points of vulnerability so that you get early warning when attacks are starting.
  • The many defensive options available to you, and how to assemble the right security system for your needs.
  • Going proactive – How to proactively hunt down potential attacks as they’re first forming so you can pre-emptively stop them.