If you think about endpoint management as risk with low impacts, you are living with a Gray rhino. Unlike the black swan risk that seemingly comes out of nowhere to impact the organization, Gray rhinos are the risks you live with every day. Eventually, that risk is big, mean, and lethal.  With security budgets under threat from global economic impacts, understanding what you need to manage with limited resources and guiding those internal resources to the things causing us the greatest risk is paramount and that includes endpoint management. 

Join Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst to learn how to leverage risk scores to better manage endpoint risks and the upside of leveraging risk scores to better address the technology environment and tips on surviving your close encounter with the Gray rhino that is endpoint risk.  #therearenoblackswans #grayrhinos 

Renee will also be joined by Tanium’s CISO, Puneet Nanda as he will provide his insights on endpoint risk and engage in a Q&A session with the audience. 


Renee Murphy
Renee Murphy
Principal Analyst
Puneet Nanda
Puneet Nanda


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